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02 September 2009

The Emotional Cost of Inflation

Less frequently even than once in a blue moon, I share an article or essay by Theodore Dalrymple. That drought is not due to any given essay's comparative insignificance in Dalrymple's oeuvre, but that I point you hither and yon; if you care for a writer's work, you will seek more of the same.

Every once in a while, though, an essay by Dalrymple is especially uncommon, such as this one. And so here I am again, pounding the table for you to read yet another article.

Some items you should know about Theodore Dalrymple:
1) His name is a nom de plume
2) He typically writes outside of his professional expertise -- even for a polymath
3) His essays tend to be intelligent, culturally literate, informed, impassioned, and convincing. For example...
"There seems to be no choice, then, but for everyone to have constant regard to his own pile, and to try to outwit the economic moth and rust that threaten to erode all but the largest fortunes: in short, he must speculate, or risk losing nearly everything. The question of whether it is best to hold shares, or bonds, or property, or gold, or some combination of them, is constantly before him. Further, as many who have taken tips from their brokers or bank will attest, funds’ managers and investors do not always have the same interests. A man trying to preserve a competence learns to trust neither himself nor others."
Now don't you want to click on that link and discover what he has to say this month?
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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