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04 March 2006

You owe it to yourself

Having lived near, and worked in, Hollywood, one grows used to seeing talented people on an everyday basis. But every once in a while, someone comes along who blows you away; he or she is that good. Last night I enjoyed the distinct pleasure of listening to the incredibly multi-talented singer-songwriter, Coles Whalen.

But that term (singer-songwriter) fails to do justice to her talent. Coles sings like a seraphim; her exceedingly expressive voice ranges several octaves and styles -- from whispery chanteuse to jazzy torch to gritty rock & roll. Too, Coles is a phenomenal keyboardist and guitarist, playing each instrument superbly while showing no favoritism to either. And Coles writes lyrics like a dream come true; varying from intimate confessional to overt storytelling. She displays great presence, with nary a sign of stage fright, interacting extraordinarily well with her audience. In other words, she is a true, accomplished professional. But here's the kicker: Coles is only 25!

Coles is busy touring the Western US for the next 2-3 months, playing at local bookstores (primarily BORDERs) and coffee-houses. (Truly, I find it difficult to comprehend that talent such as Coles' can be found playing at venues such as these -- but then we each begin our career from its starting blocks.) In July, she begins touring the eastern US. You owe it to yourself to see this exceedingly magnificent and talented artist -- and nice person. Hurry, while there is no cost to see an artist who, in all likelihood, will be top-lining shows on the international tour circuit.

This link directs you to Coles' website, and reveals, among many riches, a calendar listing of her upcoming shows.

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